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Just before the end of the year, we will have a special guest, Prof. Dr. Patrizio Neff, who has been the Chair of Nonlinear Analysis and Modeling at UDE since 2009. He is also the academic grandfather for some of us, since Prof. Balzani was supervised by him. Therefore, we are very happy that Prof. Dr. Patrizio Neff will visit us to give a talk entitled "Convexity notions in nonlinear elasticity". He will bridge the gap between mathematics and mechanics, very much in the spirit of the GAMM student group. Specifically you mathematicians are invited to come and ask tough question and to all engineers: don't have any doubts! Even your dissipative formulation could likely be analyzed as a pseudo-elastic problem per incremental step. So, there is a lot to learn for all of us. The presentation is going to happen at the 20th of December at 14:00 h in one of the seminar rooms between the two mechanics chairs. Afterwards we will have a small christmas celebration with mulled wine and all the things you like to bring along.

Talk Content

In this talk I will review major convexity notions in nonlinear elasticity and its connection to various domains of applications. Topics include occurrence of microstructures, Morrey’s Problem, Quasiconvex relaxation but also generalized continuum models and plate and shells.

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